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~ Everywhere in the world ~
~ in every walk of life ~
~ there are people ~
~ just like you. ~
The quest is to find them, and be a part of a greater life for it.

That said, please, feel welcome to look through the site, and offer us your
comments and suggestions. This site is for all of us, as a community
in BDSM lifestyles--it's up to all of us to make it grow into
it's place online.

For those of you who are regular visitors to BDSM Dating, please rest
assured that the links are still here, with new additions. For those
just joining us, this will be a new quest, and we welcome you.

We welcome people over the age of eighteen years to our site, with the knowledge that this
is not, nor will it ever be, pornographic in nature. Alternative BDSM Dating is intended to be--and will be
maintained as--a place of open communication on a variety of topics. If you are not yet eighteen,
or feel that you will be offended by a site with adult content, please click on the link below.

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As we rebuild Alternative BDSM Dating, we will be adding features to the site. The first of these will be a journal. The life of one submissive, and some of the bigger (and smaller) events that occur. It's all personal, and will be updated as often as humanly possible. We will always welcome your comments and correspondence, as we grow to be a small center in a great community.(We may even convince the Dom in the house to begin a journal Send us an email, tell us what we're doing right...wrong...say good morning/afternoon/evening...anything that's on your mind. Click Here to Contact Us



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