About Brushstrokes® Fine Art

The revolutionary Brushstrokes® art form offers the unique combination of modern day technology and Old World craftsmanship. We start with state-of-the-art optical and laser-scanning equipment that captures, with incredible accuracy, all the vibrant and subtle colors of the original painting as well as the depth, sweep and force of each of the artist's brush strokes. This information in all its detail is used with the patented Brushstrokes® process to create an image on canvas with three-dimensional texture and rich, authentic colors that is as close as you can get to the original.

At this stage of its creation, a Brushstrokes® is already superior in quality to all other competitive products. But this is only the beginning. The Brushstrokes® master artisans, academy trained from some of the finest schools in the world, apply a variety of special finishes to each image so that the light in your home highlights its vibrancy and beauty, as well as provide protection to the finished product.

For limited editions, we go even one step further. Brushstrokes® master artisans apply genuine oil paints to selected areas to further enhance the three-dimensional texture of the Brushstrokes® image. Each work becomes an original while still remaining faithful to the artist's original creation. In many cases, the original artist will hand sign each image to provide yet another distinctive quality to your Brushstrokes® image. 

Brushstrokes® was recently bestowed with the honor of first place in the New Innovation category at the Atlanta Décor Expo 2004 the world's largest art and framing show. The judging for the awards was by the staff of Décor Magazine. Brushstrokes® beat out 21 other new product innovation competitors to take home the first place blue ribbon.

Many of Today's Top Artists Embrace the Brushstrokes Process®

"I am delighted with the Brushstrokes® reproduction process. The canvas has the natural look and feel of my originals. The hand enhancing of the canvas adds stronger, brighter colors that until now could only be found in an original piece of artwork. This is the most amazing process I have ever seen. Brushstrokes Fine Art images are amazing. Collectors visiting my studio are stunned by the similarity in color and texture to my original oils." 
Curt Walters, Two-time winner of the American Artist of the Year Award 

"I have never before seen a reproduction with the same textures and vivid colors as my original paintings. The Brushstrokes® process adds even more lighting to my images and gives the canvas life without compromising any of the detail in the images." 
John O'Brien, Artist 

Limited Editions
All limited editions are hand numbered and include a Brushstrokes® Certificate of Authenticity. Once an edition sells out, it is gone forever. Some limited editions are signed by the original artist for a final touch that adds to the collectability of the edition. All limited editions are artist enhanced with oil paint and hand finished.

Open Editions
The new Brushstrokes® open editions are a more affordable way to begin your collection. Lower priced, they feature the works of well-known artist, both past and present. All open editions are hand-finished.

Hand Finished
Every Brushstrokes® is hand finished to enhance the surface texture of the canvas. 

Artist Enhanced
Brushstrokes® Master Artists highlight and enhance all of the Brushstrokes® limited editions with genuine oil paint. Many other processes use a clear gel to "simulate" a brushstroke. 



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