Growing Popularity of Event Marketing


Event marketing is becoming a popular form of subtle

marketing techniques. Companies are using events as

advertising tools to promote their products and services.

Events are a part of the marketing mix strategy for some

companies. Events have become as popular as traditional

tools of advertising and more and more companies are

adopting these tools.


Event marketing provides a tangible experience for

consumers by bringing them into a cohesive environment

and consciously giving the people direct messages about

the products and services. These campaigns are planned to

bring people in close and direct contact with the

products and it is targeted towards a smaller audience

with a more focused, personal and customized message.

Another way by which brands are publicized is by making

the customers try the products at trade shows, sport

events and concerts.


By bringing products and services directly to

delegates at major events, a company is increasing

the chance of sales, and sales leads at the very least.

In a store, you might sell some products incidentally to

people looking for something else. But at an event,

where consumers can touch and try products, maybe

even sample them, they are much more likely to buy.

This is because experiential marketing holds the key

to securing the dollar from today's audience.


And not only can events help a company to pitch to a new

audience, it can also help to cement a relationship with

an already existing customer. The existing customer is

made to feel important by getting an offer to participate

free of charge in an event where others have to pay.

They perceive this as an opportunity to gain a benefit

from attending and meeting like minded people and

representatives of the company. This can help in

increasing sales to a large extent.


Event marketing is based on the idea that

experiences are a shortcut to the consumer's memory.

Making your product demonstration interactive

involves your customers and makes it much more

likely that they will remember your brand later, long

after they have gone home or back to the office. And

you can't buy better marketing than that.


Popularity of event marketing is increasing by the day

and more companies are adopting it as a favored marketing

tool that it is taken up as a specialist career

profession. Courses are being offered at universities

and colleges where candidates learn skills to host and

execute events of all sizes and types. Because of this

increasing popularity of event marketing, many companies

and big businesses are employing professionals with

formal education in the field.


The author is the Vice President of Marketing for

MarketingBlaster, Inc.

He is always available to hear your

comments and feedback at:

MarketingBlaster, Inc.



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