Intergated Marketing in the Workplace



Integrated marketing is the way most of the smart and

upcoming companies plan and execute their marketing

strategies. Many companies are also adopting it afresh

because it is not just a buzz word; it is a buzz word

with meaning. Integrated Marketing entails the coming

together of all the marketing related activities under

one head. For example the marketing resources,

responsibilities, and other marketing roles of the

company work together to improve and deliver the

company~s promotional, customer service and other

marketing goals like increase in sales, retaining

customers etc. Ultimately all the marketing activities

are directed towards improving relations with the

customers whether they are internal, external, existing

or even potential customers.


The need of the hour is to have a centralized department

that will take care of all your advertising, public

relations, marketing and sales requirements. This

centralization is very much the modern pattern giving you

a cost effective edge over your competition. However, if

your country is not following then pattern then there are

strong chances that you are wasting a lot of energy and

money is an age-old decadent pattern no longer prevalent.


Integrating all aspects of marketing into one

department ensures that your company's strategic

marketing plan is being followed because it can be

led, driven, monitored and championed by one or two

individuals. If each department does their own

marketing, it's difficult to measure and evaluate the

results effectively. Also, why leave the marketing up to

accountants, assistants, and IT people? Marketing

should be done by marketers. Accounting should be

done by accountants. It just makes sense to get

certain professionals to do the jobs they are trained



This new strategy of having integrated marketing set up,

where all aspects of marketing are clubbed under one

department ensures that there is one common strategic

marketing plan which is being followed. Since there is

one marketing department for all the divisions, the

marketing plan will be driven, led, monitored and the

responsibility of few select professionals. In a scenario

where each division of the company has its own marketing

plan and activities, it is difficult to measure and

evaluate the results and effectiveness of each divisions

plans. At times in these kind of scenarios, it is

difficult to hire marketing professionals, specially if

the amount of marketing activity for that division does

not permit the hiring of an extra professional. In these

situations say for an accounts division, an accountant

will be given the additional responsibility of handling

the marketing activities for that division. There is no

point in getting marketing activities handled by the

accounts people and vice-versa. Marketing should be done

by marketing professionals and Accounting should be done

by accountants, period. It makes good business sense to

get certain professionals to do the jobs they are trained



For good and an effective marketing program it is

important that all your marketing resources should work

together each complementing the other. This is important

to keep your brand identity strong. Don~t make the

mistake of scattering your resources and saying one thing

to the press and another in the print ad. All your

messages to the people should say the same thing.

Otherwise, you will end up with a weak, unproductive

marketing program with thinning resources.

Author, Scott Geld is head of Marketing Blaster, Inc.

one of the leading information resources

on the subject of marketing available on line. For continued

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