What is Marketing?


Knowing what marketing actually is can be fundamental to

any business, however small. No business can avoid

marketing; without it, no one would know you existed. Of

course, your actual merchandise or service is just as

important, but without marketing, a brilliant idea is



Understanding the purpose of marketing is the first step in

making your marketing successful. The basic principle is

that marketing aims to tell your customers who you are and

what you do. Of course, some products can be self-

promoting so little further marketing is needed. Other

products will require a lot more promotion. Potential

customers will have to be told what your product is and,

more importantly, what it can do for them.


Where is the best place for an organization to start in

order to maximize the effects of its marketing? First, get

the fundamentals correct, as we are about to describe.


Know Your Customers


The most important aspect of marketing is to know your

customer. You have to know who you are trying to sell to so

you can understand how to market them. You need to get

inside the head of your customers to find appealing ways to

grab their attention and make them want your goods or



If you can appreciate what motivates potential purchasers,

then you should be on a winner. The impression that your

merchandise gives to your customer does matter. If they

have positive feelings about an item they'll be much more

likely to proceed with the purchase.


Customers want to know what is special about your product

and why they should rush out to buy what you are selling.

A sense of urgency is crucial, as customers like to believe

that they need your product and they need it now! Of course

it is also important to make sure that you are selling to

the right people. Some products will only appeal to one

gender or age group; make sure that you focus your time and

energy on your target audience.


The key to successful promotion is never to lose sight of

the customers' needs, so that you can persuade them that

your merchandise is just what they require.


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