Top Ten Reason To Market Your Business Online


The Internet. The great leveling medium that makes a small

business nearly as accessible as

But many businesses throw up a site without much thought

about the potential impact it can have their business.


Why should you have a web site? Why should your business be



These 10 reason will give you something to think ...


1. Greater Marketplace Expansion

Boundaries are nonexistent and less restrictive. Making it

easier to reach new customer markets both globally and



2. The Internet Is A Great Market Research Tool

Analyze competitors' web sites. Find data and analysis

material for new markets. Receive customer feedback.

Possibilities are endless.


3. Release Time Sensitive Materials Faster

You can make information available anytime you want. Make

changes on your web site instantly. Something you can't do

with printed materials. You can send last minute sales

announcements to your customers.


4. Make Information More Easily Available To Customers And

Visitors. You can post your hours of availability. Put your

brochures, catalogs etc. online. You can include a

Frequently Asked Questions section. The Internet gives you

the ability to add sound and/or video to your site.


5. Ability To Conduct Business 24 Hours

Your web site works 24 hours a day, seven days a week

advertising your business.


6. Test New Services And Products

Since you can reach markets faster and quicker, you can

test new idea, try a marketing campaign before rolling it

out. You can know where to position your product or service

in the marketplace.


7. Extremely Cost Effective

It costs practically nothing to put a web site online.

Putting brochures, newsletters, and catalogs online saves a

fortune in printing and mailing cost. News Releases and

media can be distributed over the Internet quicker and

cheaper. You decrease administrative cost through online

automation. Lower telecommunication cost.


8. Make Connections

It's not what you know but who you know that opens business

doors. Networking online is more time effective than

meeting face-to-face. Online you can meet prospects and

business colleagues anytime of the day or night. You can

quickly build your reputation and credibility all from the

comfort of your home .


9. Your Customers Are Online

Consumers are getting online in record numbers and it

increases every year. Online retail sales will grow by

almost 25% this year, according to Forrester Research.

Keep this in mind... people use the Internet to research

their buying decisions.


10. Your Competitors Is Online

The best reason of all to market online! Forget the "I'm a

local business" mentality. I guarantee no matter what your

business, one of your competitors is successfully using the

Internet to market their business. Over 40 million people

used the Internet last year looking for local information.


The Internet is not going away. How much potential

business are you losing by ignoring this powerful marketing



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