Researching Potential Customers


Without buyers you have no business. Knowing who your

potential customers are is fundamental to any advertising

plan. As a business, you need to know what makes your

customers make the decision to buy your product. Only then

can you target these people in a way that will ensure your



Where do you start? It may seem like a daunting task, but

with a bit of thought you can gather the information that

you need relatively easily.


Sit back and look at your product. Are you aiming to appeal

to a wide audience or are you aiming at a smaller section

of society? The wider the market, the harder it can be to

appeal to all of your potential customers. With a small

niche it can be easier to appeal to your customers in an

emotional way.


Keep your audience as small as possible. The aim of any

advertising campaign is to make your customer feel that

they need to buy your product immediately. This is very

difficult to achieve if you are targeting a large number of



Researching the customers is pretty easy. There are

different ways of doing it. You might want to have them fill

out surveys, observe them using the product and research why

existing customers like you. There are different things that

you are going to be looking for when researching customers.


Make full use of your current customers to give you the

information that you need to target new customers. Existing

customers do, after all, have first-hand experience. Find

out what appeals about your product to them and push this

point to your new customers.


Consider how you are going to sell your product. Marketing

is all well and good but it is equally important to ensure

that your product is sold in the best way possible. Will

you use a sales team, rely on storekeepers or sell over the

Internet. All of these things must be considered as it will

also help you to determine who your potential customers



Getting the attention of your customers is fundamental.

Take some time to work out who your target audience really

is and how you best reach them. Your efforts will not go




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