A PPC Campaign Is A Click Away


If pay-per-click campaigns were as simple as a click away,

then every website owner could make easy money just by

linking an ad to his site. However, a successful

pay-per-click (PPC) campaign isn't so basic. Granted,

carrying out the steps to participate in PPC programs

offered by many search engines aren't hard to figure out;

it's the strategy behind making these PPCs work on your

website that makes the response rate for PPCs reach their

highest potential. Is the average website owner capable of

carrying out a well planned campaign on his own? Maybe, if

he's lucky. But, does luck really make for a great



Comprehensive PPC programs are offered by many big search

engines. These programs include Google Adword and Yahoo

Search Marketing Solution (previously called Overture).

These programs take you through the stages of creating an

ad, submitting it for approval, and activating on the search

engine. Google Adword can approve your ad in a matter of

minutes and run it on the search engine. Yahoo, however,

must be reviewed by an actual person so it takes a little

longer to gain approval. Once launched, your campaign must

climb up in position before every searcher sees it.


The quickest way to climb into a good position is to bear in

mind some basic tips prior to launching your PPC campaign:


- Identify your target customers and their likes and

dislikes. Knowing this gives you insight on how they search

online for services and products and how they react to

certain phrases and keywords.


- Pick keywords with strongest appeal and track them using

a system like Yahoo Search Marketing Solution and Google

Adword. Avoid jamming your PPC ad with every keyword under

the sun.


- Maximize the small space inside an ad by first

split-testing your keywords. Do research by testing

keywords and phrases in search engine results. Pick only

the best keyword or phrase results.


- Traffic and performance do not go hand-in-hand. Even if

you attract lots of traffic, you must motivate visitors to

take action. The clearer you are about the desired action

the better performance you will get from your traffic. When

your performance does better than your competitors, you are

in a position to buy better PPC ad positions. This

privilege attracts even more visitors who should be more

inclined to take action.


- Link your campaign to "landing pages". Direct clicks on

certain keywords to a specific page on your website. Clicks

on a certain keyword or phrase puts the visitor in a

population that is seeking specific material. Studies

indicate that a visitor's call to action is much higher upon

landing on a page that is most relevant to the visitor.


The main purpose of a PPC campaign is to gain a great ROI

(return on your investment). Learning how to set up a PPC

ad is only the first step toward get a PPC campaign

underway; the more important part of creating a great PPC ad

is carrying out careful planning. To learn more simple yet

successful methods for developing a profitable PPC campaign,

go to www.1dmom.com/archive.


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