"The most important thing that you can capture from a

customer is NOT his money. It's..."


"If you don't use a sequential follow up system, I

can't imagine that you're going to be very



"When this system came around, it really changed our

lives. And, it will also change your life. I don't

care what you're selling."


"The SECRET to getting more money out of your

customer base is..."


"Did you ever hear that expression, 'You laugh all the

way to the bank'? Well, we don't even do that anymore,

because the money comes in, and it's automatically sent

into our bank account! We just laugh!"


About this seminar, Jonathan Says:

"These are totally unique methods. I have not seen

people reveal how to do this anywhere else. They

have doubled and tripled our response. They squeeze

more money out of these prospects."


Jonathan calls AWeber:

"A systematic process that sucks the maximum amount

of cash out of each prospect."

What do industry giants like Disney, Microsoft, Intel, and

American Express have in common? They've all sought out the

expertise of the "master of targeted opt-in e-mail," Jonathan

Mizel! Now you can, too!


Hardcore businesses pay thousands of dollars to hear Jonathan

speak, but you don't have to. Through an exclusive offer with

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for FREE!


Right now, the TWO-PART video of Jonathan's sequential

autoresponse seminar in London, England is in the AWeber

control panel. In this amazing hour, Jonathan reveals:


* Totally unique ways to use AWeber autoresponders

* TWO case studies of DOUBLED, even TRIPLED profits

* Secrets of super-marketers like MARLON SANDERS

* Jonathan's own secrets, a peek inside his organization!


This video puts thousands of dollars worth of intellectual

material at your fingertips. Take advantage of Jonathan's

expertise right now!


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