Best-Selling Trucks On The Road

Can you picture a soccer mom without an SUV? Can you

picture a backwoods boy without a giant pick up truck? The

size of a truck has nothing to do with a driver's need for

the truck; the size is more of a status symbol and

lifestyle. As the popularity of trucks increase, the trucks

features and looks keep getting better.


The pick-up truck and the SUV are the two most popular types

of trucks on the road today. Indeed, trucks outnumber

automobiles in America today. Trucks have become so popular

that luxury car manufacturers that would have never

considered trucks now include elegant SUV's in their product

line. Who would have ever thought that such names as

Lincoln and Cadillac would place their names on a truck?


Between 1950 and 1970, any family who needed extra space

for kids or cargo bought a station wagon. Today, the

station wagon has been replaced by vans and SUV's. The

modern family has turned to the truck as the preferred

family vehicle. Even the pick-up with club cab seating

options is put to use by a family.


What are the best-selling pick up trucks out there today?

Year after year, Ford's F-series is the granddaddy seller.

For over two decades, this tough pickup not only tops this

list but also the list of overall best-selling vehicles.

What makes this pickup so great? Their easy handling, cab

and seating options, large engines, excellent mileage and

roomy truck beds set standards that are hard to match in any

other truck. Affordability also makes these trucks number

one - most Ford Explorers sell for $24,000 to $31,500 and

Ford F-150s are sold for $20,000 to $40,000. Ford F-series

outsold the next two top selling trucks on the list

combined: GMC and Chevrolet.


GMC trucks are second in sales to Ford. While GMC trucks

carry a lower sticker price, the quality rating is lower

as well. GMC trucks include GMC Canyon Compact truck for

$16,000 to $29,000 and GMC Sierra. GMC Sierra comes in

1500HD, 2500HD and 3500HD models with prices that can range

from $18,000 to $42,000.


The Chevy Silverado is almost as popular as the GMC trucks.

This truck has a great towing package. However, the

Silverado appeals to an up-scale Chevy audience with its

price range of $29,000 to $42,000. Other brands of trucks

have a loyal following that believes that their truck is the

best on the market. These include the Dodge Ram, Honda

Ridgeline, HUMMER H2, Lincoln Mark LT, and Nissan Titan.


Modern truck buyers are looking for more than price when

selecting their truck. Buyers are willing to pay the price

for features such a four-wheel drive, flexible cab options

and cargo capacity. Americans use their all-American

pick-up trucks. We didn't invent them just to look pretty!


Trucks of all types have become America's number one vehicle

throughout the country. Americans on the go love the power

and versatility of this type of vehicle. If you wish to

learn more about trucks visit


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