Choosing the right school


Searching for a school or college can be a time

consuming and confusing time and knowing which

ones to apply for and then which one to accept can be

difficult ad even a little traumatic. But there are many

ways of minimizing both the time taken and the

confusion involved so that the process is a little less



The first step is be clear about what you want. Do you want

to go to a school or college in your area or state, or you

don't mind moving to another location? How far are you

prepared to go? Your test scores can restrict your choice

considerably. The next question is about the fee. You

should know exactly how much you can afford, because some

colleges are more costly than others. Besides, some offer

payment plans and scholarships while others don't.


After this seek the counsel of your current schools career

advisor to get an expert advice on the whole matter and see

what advice he or she has to give. The school career

advisor would give you an excellent advice since an

acquaintance with you would help him render sound advice

keeping your needs, talent, situation and overall career

ambition in mind.


Now it is time to get online. There are scores of websites

on the Internet that give you tailor-made information by

allowing you to enter your priorities and preferences. Some

of the information most related websites require you to

enter is your region, annual cost preference, class size,

community size preferred and school type. The database of

the websites processes your query and then gives the output

in the form of a series of school recommendations. Many

other sites offer tips and strategies for obtaining

scholarships and hence paying for your college education. A

web site also allows you to register for your SAT Program

test and even send the result to various colleges to ease

your task of getting admission in a college.


If you type in the keyword "school/college" in the popular

search engine Google, it will get you more than 660,000

results. Of these, some results are region or specialty

specific. For example, a website offers complete

information to assist you to find the right college to do

an MBA. But beware of some websites that are not as

legitimate or honest as others. The ultimate choice of a

school or college depends entirely on you, but using the

World Wide Web would make your task of finding the right

college for you easier, less time-consuming and less



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