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The thoughts of lovers, offered to you as you search for the one who will be your own

Hi all

Sorry we have not been keeping up with all the letters we have been getting.

We are very sorry to say Annie has left us and moved to Rochester New York.

We are missing her a great deal . We are slowley getting things back to normal.

S o keep those letters coming and we will be updating soon.

We wish Annie all the best and hope she finds what she is looking for .


Dear Romanticatheart,

Julie wrote to me about three months ago. You know when I placed that ad, I never thought I'd actually hear one single word from anyone, but there she was, and she thought I was funny. I was scared to death--it wasn't me being funny in the ad that I wrote, it was my older brother, and his wife. They were determined to find someone for me, whether I liked it or not. Well, they had, and here was a letter from this woman--I must have looked at it a hundred times, not knowing what to do about it. I went to my brother. His answer was that it was MY turn to do something.

Some help he was.

Next step was to sit nervously in front of the computer, and stare at her words. Julie. Her name was Julie. I'd fallen in love with the prettiest girl, in one of the hundred or so high schools I'd attended, while moving around the world with my parents, in the military. Julie's face stood out, above the rest of the people I'd met, because there was still a place in my heart for her. I think that's what gave me the courage to actually write and say hi to this lady, and admit to her that I wasn't nearly as funny as the ad I'd posted. I even told her that her name made me smile, for an old friend.

Then I opened my email again. Less than ten minutes later. There it was, her name again, ringing bells in my head. Julie had actually answered the email I sent her--she must have been sitting there all the time I sat writing to her, apologizing for not doing so sooner. The letters were dancing in front of my eyes as I read that my name reminded her of someone too, someone she'd met in Lincoln, Nebraska, almost thirty years ago. Yes, really, thirty years.

It couldn't be Julie.

I knew that.

Even as I wrote her an hour long letter, telling her about a fishing trip that my lost sweetheart took me on, so many years ago.

She wrote back a few minutes after I hit the SEND button.

She asked me if I still remembered how to cast with a fly rod.

Julie and I met in person about two weeks ago. We've been fishing a few times. We've been shopping a few times, too. I think the next shopping trip may just be at the jewelry store.

Thank you, Romanticatheart, for showing me that men can really find the right lady. No matter how long we've known they were lost.

Norman Gregson

Dear Henry and Annie,

Well, I finally found him. There was this boy who came to my school in the tenth grade. He wasn't going to stay long, I knew that. He had been almost everywhere in the world, and he was only fifteen years old--not much of a chance that he'd stick around in a little town with gravel streets.

But he was the cutest boy I'd ever seen, and there were only a few things that I could think of, that he'd likely never done. So when my Mom said yes, and my Dad didn't hit the roof, I invited Norman fishing, and for a picnic, at the river. He was HOPELESS. He'd never been fishing, that was for sure--he had to learn how to hold a fishing pole, and how to catch a fish. It didn't look too promising, for a while there. Overall, he did fine, though--Norman demolished a few people's lunches, and his own, and was sunburned and sore by the time he got back to town.

Not even a week later, he was gone, and my heart went with him. It wasn't easy, wondering if I'd never see him again, but I knew that the military keeps families on the go, and that was that.

I didn't get married. You know what? I joined the military myself, wondering, somewhere in the back of my mind, if I'd ever run into Norman again. It's been a busy, interesting life, and I've finally retired to a ranch that I bought a few years ago. Busier than I ever was when I "worked."

The computer was for business, and the modem was a tool...a few of the little rules that I set for myself before I bought the thing, and set it up in the office, out here. Well, it's turned out to be mostly for work, at least. But when I found romanticatheart, I couldn't resist reading the ads.

There he was.

I'd have recognized him anywhere.

There was no picture attached to the ad, but it was Norman, with humor covering up the shy parts in his nature, and a real heart behind it all.

Norman and I went fishing again. No parents, no bratty little brothers. We didn't catch a fish.

We didn't try.

But we found the love that had been there all those years ago, and it started to grow again.

Thank you for the memories that you brought back to me, and for the memories the two of us will make together.

Julie Reynolds

Henry and I would like to thank Norman, and Julie, for writing and telling us about their experiences with the free personals at romanticatheart.

AND we'd like to invite you to write--either about someone you've found, or someone you've never know, someone who reads your letter here may know the one--or be the one--you're searching for.

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