All of our a la carte tomato varieties

All the Varieties of Tomatoes you could wish for



If you're looking for specific plants, our À La Carte menu is for you. In the sections below, you'll find over 80 different tomato varieties, each with its own special qualities. To view all of them click here.

If you still can't find exactly what you're looking for, we can help! We will custom grow any of the more than 100 additional varieties on our Grown-to-Order list.


Red Tomatoes

These aren't just any red tomatoes - our heirlooms are specially bred - some for their perfect flavors, and others for their interesting shapes, large sizes or particular growing seasons. Click Here

Orange Tomatoes

We're excited about all our great heirloom varieties, but these golden beauties have a special place in our heart. Same great heirloom taste as you'd expect, and they'll add a dash of color to any plate. Click Here

Yellow Tomatoes

Mmm... these guys are lower in acid than many other tomatoes, and their sweet flavors are sure to keep you coming back for more. Be sure to try them in salads and salsas! Click Here

Green Tomatoes

All tomatoes start green, but these guys stay that way until they're ripe. They taste great too, many offering a spicy overtone that accents the classic tomato sweetness. Click Here

Pink & Purple Tomatoes

Another great way to add color to your table - these blended tones look beautiful and taste just the way they should - delicious! Click Here

Bi-Color Tomatoes

An exercise in tolerance - these tomatoes bring many shades together on the same fruit. Your friends will be amazed when they see them AND when they eat them! Click Here

Black Tomatoes

Not only is the color something special to behold - Black tomatoes offer a delicious mix of sugar and acid flavors that you'll love. These are certainly a favorite! Click Here

White Tomatoes

Another color to catch the eye, these tomatoes have light skin and great flavor that can be a welcome addition to many kitchen creations. Click Here

Cherry Tomatoes

Small in size, but definitely huge on flavor, cherry tomatoes pack juice and taste into a colorful range of tiny packages. Kids love them, and you will too. Click Here

High Yield Tomatoes

Want the biggest harvest you can get? These varieties are bred for quantity, so you'll be rolling in tomatoes, but don't worry - with these guys, you can have the quantity AND the quality. Click Here

Huge Fruit Producers

These are the big ones. Fruits on some of these plants can reach over two pounds - so huge that tomatoes could become your main course (with meat and potatoes on the side). Click Here

Most Popular varieties

Only the best! These tomatoes are proven best sellers, and you'll see why! Click Here

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteaks are popular beause they don't have that hard, greenish core you find in other varieties. These have thick, juicy fruits that are good to the last slice. Click Here

Italian, Paste & Sauce

Sometimes called "plum" tomatoes, these varieties feature thick meat and a small seed cavity ideal for making sauces. They've been a favorite in Italian kitchens - and now they can be one in yours. Click Here

Container Growers

Don't have the space for a big garden? Don't worry - you can still enjoy heirlooms with these special varieties that thrive in small spaces. Got an empty file bucket? Plant it up! Click Here

Weather Tolerant

So the weather in your area isn't always perfect? These tough plants are survivors - some can handle heat, and some do well in cooler temperatures. Like they say, life finds a way. Click Here


If you haven't found what you're looking for in one of these sections, don't give up. Check out our extended list of varieties, and see if we can get something started for you! Click Here




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